Villa Borobudur Resort is an all-inclusive resort, but in our Authentic Java concept, all-inclusive means much more.

We strive to be all-inclusive to all our stakeholders, including the local communities and nature.

Villa Borobudur Resort for example, only employs locally recruited staff, we train our staff ourselves. As our reviews show, their performance and potential is more than impressive. By recruiting locally we also support the local economy.

In 2016, Villa Borobudur Resort started ‘Go Borobudur‘, a community initiative to promote Borobudur area: We believe in sharing and in creating opportunities for each other.

We support nature by taking special care of the gardens and Javanese jungle surrounding Villa Borobudur Resort.

Villa Borobudur Resort also is the main sponsor of Reptile Rescue Borobudur. The center is managed by Mr. Didit and his team and is located in Dusun Pong, a small village close to Borobudur Temple.

The reptile rescue center takes care of reptiles that are found in the surrounding villages, and ‘gives them back’ to nature. Education and creating awareness also are objectives of the rescue center.

During your stay in Villa Borobudur Resort you can experience ‘Authentic Java‘ yourself, and relax rest and also rest assured you made the best choice.