Villa Borobudur Resort offers a wide range of experiences and activities. On this webpage we provide some suggestions. 

A distinction can be made between four categories of activities and experiences: (1) Spiritual and historical, which for example includes a visit to the Borobudur temple; (2) adventure, varying from, for example, a hike, rafting, a Jeep safari, mountain biking or a visit to a cave; (3) art and culture, such as a visit to one of the many museums or galleries, or a cultural performance, and finally (4) relaxation and nature; a bike ride, walk or a yoga and meditation session, or an inspiring lunch at EloProgo Art gallery, for example. We also offer a series of activities especially for (small) children.

Please contact us directly after you place your reservation, so you can inform us about your interests and wishes, to make sure we can offer you the most customized experiences imaginable. For your inspiration, we provide you with some ideas.