(Business) meeting arrangements

Villa Borobudur Resort offers meeting packages with a semi-outdoor concept. The magnificent views of Borobudur Temple and the surrounding mountains and valleys are stunning, and will for sure inspire you, and contribute to the results of your meeting (s). Villa Borobudur Resort is also the most suitable location for team building sessions: these sessions, as well as meetings, can be combined with adventure and excursions in the area, and of course participants can always use one of the swimming pools to just relax. Of course, we can also provide you with the best food and snacks from Taste Java Restaurant, including a magnificent grill arrangement.

We have various facilities available for meetings, depending on your requirements, for up to 100 participants. Villa Borobudur Resort also has an indoor meeting room, featuring the largest map of Indonesia. This specific facility has a capacity of maximal 15 participants.