Villa Borobudur Resort is located on a short distance (2.5 km) from the Borobudur Temple, on the forward slopes of the Menoreh Mountains. The location offers stunning views from the valley around the Borobudur Temple, including the Merapi volcano as well as the Sumbing and Merbabu mountains.

Villa Borobudur Resort is ideally located for various experiences and activities we organise from the resort out. Please have a look at the experiences tab for more information.
Yogyakarta International Airport is located circa 50 kilometers from Villa Borobudur Resort, the travel time is normally around 1.5 – 2 hours. We arrange private travels to, and from the airport. Please communicate with us your flight number and we make sure to smoothen your travels to the fullest comfort possible.

The nearest big city is Magelang, which is 20 kilometers from Villa Borobudur Resort.